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DPM barcode reader is a key module of machine vision system, defect detection system, logistics, Electronic manufacturing,Automobile manufacturing and other industrial applications.As a distributor of HikRobot,the branch of famous CCTV company HikVision all the world ,SICUBE is committed to providing a high-precision, durable,cheap and robust scanning module for industrial use.

DPM Code Scanner-ID5000 Series.This is a full-featured fixed industrial bar code reader, based on a high-performance multi-core deep learning core processor, which brings powerful barcode reading performance and large field of view coverage. The ID5000 series is equipped with a mechanical focusing lens and a wealth of accessories, which can quickly complete the debugging, and this code reader reaches the ingress protection level of IP67, satisfying the need of diversified industrial code reading application scenarios.

Direct Part Marks (DPM) are codes, symbols, and text that are etched or printed directly onto the surface of a part instead of affixed by a label. DPM codes, which are most commonly Data Matrix or QR codes, are used for track and trace purposes in a variety of industries, particularly automotive and electronics manufacturing. The benefit of DPM codes is that they are permanent and cannot be easily removed, obscured, or damaged.