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Optical Design Services and Custom Production

How to design a special optical components for image system?

Optical elements have been developed due to development of manufacturing tools, and we can use various kinds of mirrors, lenses, prisms or filters in various systems, and we can get high-quality elements. When we develop optical systems, we need to decide specifications according to cost, size or image quality.

When you ultimately purchase and/or manufacture the optical components, you'll need a way to mountassembleand possibly align that system. By including considerations for mechanical design, assembly, and alignment in the optical design stagesyou can save significant time and reduce the need for costly changes and component redesign later.

With a number of senior optical design experts, SICUBE can provide customers with professional optical system design services and product customization services. Optical design project: imaging optical design,optical lenses, prisms,X-cube,projector lens and coating design.

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SICUBE provides a complete range of optical design services. Our staff has extensive experience in optical design and analysis, source modeling, and material characterization.
Our Optical Engineering Services team works with you to create optical designs and custom products that meet your needs. When you don’t have the time or the know-how, we use our experience and products to create a next-level optical design or products.