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SICUBE enriches the design capability of optical systems and ensures excellent performance of our products. We also customize the optical system and save customers' production costs and time. We offer SDK and APIs to increase your development speed too.

Thank you for your interest in our products. For information on catalogs or technology, please download the files below for your reference.


The newest control software of SM9-SM12.rar

Datasheet of SM12-4K DLP projector.pdf

sm7 User Manual and Software.rar

sm9 User Manual and Software.rar


LibUSB3DPrinter-VS2010(SDK for windows).rar

SM7 External LED Cantrol.pdf

PLENS remove SOP.pdf

Replace the UV LED SOP 2017904.pdf

Replace DMD SOP 20180118.pdf

SM8-405A Datasheet and

SM8 Projector Controller Source

Python App for Raspberry PI (ARM).rar

SM12 software and datasheet.rar