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SICUBE's high precision prisms mainly include TIR prism,RTIR prisms for DLP light engine, PBS prisms, combination prisms, biometric prisms, AR prisms and so on. They are widely used in DLP projection system, DMD projector,3D cinema, fingerprint identification, 3D printing and scanning, AR display and other fields.

The optical fingerprint prism in substantial structure consists of two ridge planes forming an included right angle, one upper plane, one lower plane, one front plane with one finger setting.leading fingerprint prisms manufacturer in china.

Polarizing beam splitter prism (PBS Prism) is a kind of optical element used to separate horizontal polarization and vertical polarization of light.leading PBS prisms manufacturer in china.

SICUBE has the world's advanced magnetron sputtering optical coating equipment, To provide customers with optical filters, reflective plates, dichroic plates, optical low pass filter (OLPF) and other different optical coating products.

SICUBE produces a variety of sizes and special materials of optical lenses, in addition to the general broadband antireflective film ,optical lenses coating can also be coated with dichroic film and ultra-wide band antireflective film.leading optical lenses manufacturer in china.