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Spherical lens

Spherical lens

Many different industries need to use spherical lenses to collect, focus and diverge light. Applications include projection systems, cameras and microscopes. Spherical lens determines the expansion of light, and can improve the focusing and imaging quality.

Spherical lens provides single lens, double lens and triple lens specifications with different shapes, and we can customize products according to customers' specific needs at any time. We can use all types of optical glass materials as required, including quartz glass. Sicube offers wide range of coating options further expands the selection range.

The spherical lens can also be used as part of a lens system with achromatic function. Multiple elements can jointly limit the chromatic aberration and spherical aberration, and focus different wavelengths on the same plane.We can use its well-known product series to customize and produce spherical lenses.

It can provide single lens, double and triple spherical lens in different processing stages, including matte, polishing, coating and glued lens.

The coating can be customized according to your application.